The Sexual Health Benefits of Self-Love

masturbation-is-healthyMom’s are constantly on the go, and after a day of changing nappies, playing with toys, constant tidying, and making meal after meal, there’s not much time left for yourself. In fact, one recent study determined that on average moms are only able to eke out about 17 minutes for themselves per day, and that can make for more than just a crabby mom, it can make for an absolutely miserable household. So when you do manage to find those few precious moments to yourself how do you make the most of them? While many moms turn to a book, or a relaxing bath, it turns out there’s something else you can do that’s not only fun, but good for you too – masturbation.

Firstly, it’s important to dispel any bad elements .. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation .. and there is also nothing wrong with using sex toys either!!

With a young one around it’s not like you have much time for sex; sometimes masturbation can be the only way you have to release your sexual frustration. When I had kids the first thing I did was put a lock on my bedroom door, order a super quiet vibrator, and a lockable chest to put them it. And while at the time it felt like Mommy’s naughty little secret it turns out that I had the right idea. Recent research has turned up a host of benefits beside the yummy feeling that masturbation brings that can improve both your mental and physical health, and the good news is it doesn’t matter if you’re taking matter into your own hands or relying on a toy like a vibrator; both have the same effect.

How Does Masturbation Help Women?

1. Relieves Tension And Stress
Studies have shown that taking the time to pleasure yourself can reduce tension and stress by significant levels. Long accepted as a sure-fire way to improve your mood, experts agree that masturbation doesn’t have to end with a climax to be beneficial, in fact it’s more about the journey than anything else. Just thinking about sex will release pleasure giving dopamines, while engaging in sexual activity like touching yourself releases endorphins that provide an overall sense of well-being.

2. Better Sleep
Helping you fall asleep faster, masturbating before bed can help you avoid those late night wonderings that keep you up, allowing you to awake after a full night’s sleep fresh and ready for the next day of dirty nappies and feedings. Its effects can be similar to a sleeping pill but without the groggy after effects in the morning. Lowering blood pressure and relaxing you with those lovely endorphins that help lull you into a gentle rest, masturbation is a nightly bedtime ritual for many women.

3. Prevent Severity or Occurrence of Disease
There’s a definite medical benefit from self-love too, including reducing the severity of Type II Diabetes through the reduction of stress and insomnia. Women who suffer from cystitis, and even some types of cancer benefit from the added fluid circulation that allows for the flushing of cervical fluids full of bacteria. Plus, you can give a quick boost to your immune system whenever you masturbate as it increases cortisone levels in your body that aid in regulating immune function.

We often find as mothers that we take care of everyone else while neglecting ourselves, but this is definitely one easy way to take care of your wellbeing, and have some quick and easy excitement while you do. So when you come by those precious few minutes alone, kid-free, take advantage of each and every one of them. Lock the door, turn on the music, and feel free to touch yourself, because it’s for your health!

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