Eat Pray Love, Retreat

Does taking a sabbatical from your life and heading to Italy, India and Bali for a year sound good? Yea we think so too. But the ability of leaving for a year isn’t an option for all of us (hey, we’ve got to be real). So what’s an inner peace seeker to do?


Come to a one-day wellness retreat YDT is hosting with Raksa Wellness Center in honor of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Join us on Sunday August 15th in Culver City for a day marveling as we:

Eat: Receive an Ayurvedic consultation and enjoy custom meal based on your dosha.

Pray: Experience yoga and meditation in the eco-friendly sala space.

Love: Discover your heart through a hypnosis for love session.

And of course we will end the retreat at the Culver Plaza Theater by watching the film and taking home a goodie bag filled with thoughtful gifts (they’re great, …

From Eco Zero-Eco Hero: Green Boot Camp


The Skinny:

YDT is here to help you get in to tip top green shape, even if you’ve never recycled before and just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day this April 22nd.

Let’s face it: being green is not always easy (despite what Kermit once said). Whether life gets busy or you simply don’t know where to begin. Adopting greener habits can sometimes seem daunting. We’re here to show you that it’s not and we’ll teach you how step by step.

On Monday, April 5th we’re kicking off our Going Green Boot Camp. All earth month long we’ll dish simple tips that will get you greener. In fact, we’ll help you turn from an Eco-Zero into an Eco-Hero. That’s right. And as ydt readers you’re the first to know.

We’ll be covering the complete gamut of green living tips guidance ranging from energy usage to sustainable fabrics …

Give Back…Your Christmas Tree

Around 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. annually according to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), an organization that represents Christmas tree growers. Unfortunately, just 69 percent are recycled into mulch. I’ve unhappily observed too many dumpster-abandoned trees in the city. (And in case you’re wondering where to do just that, click here.) But now there’s The Living Christmas Company (TLCC), a Redondo Beach-based group that rents out locally-grown varieties of living Christmas trees as an environmentally-conscious and convenient alternative to cut or artificial trees.

This year, TLCC officially launches as the largest Christmas tree rental company – including being the first to rent, own and grow its own trees – in the country. “Our mission to redefine the way California celebrates the holidays goes beyond just saving a tree – we are working to create sustainable and regenerative solutions that we can pass down to future generations,” …

How To Plan A Green Beach Bash

eco-friendly-beach-style-partyAn eco-friendly guide for planning the perfect beach party.

Summer is peeking around the corner, beckoning us with the aroma of coconut sunscreen and the promise of sand between our toes. Can you feel it? The first beach party of the season is calling! Besides, now that you’ve found the perfect eco-chic swimsuit, it’s time to show it off. Gather your favorite fellow beach bums and follow our guide for an eco-friendly day of fun in the sun.

Location is everything. Be sure to do your research. Are there grilling facilities? Are pets or alcohol allowed? Do large groups need a permit? Check online or ask local officials so you can avoid buzzkill fines. Also, choose a beach that suits you. Are you looking for private seclusion or are you ready to make new friends?

Your Daily Thread Tip: If you’d like to stay the night, check out the solar powered …

Angela Barton’s Compact: A Year Well Spent

moneyExcess was never sexy to Angela Barton, no matter how many letters the words share. So when she heard about The Compact from an article on its founder, John Perry, in Sunset Magazine, she found the buy nothing challenge irresistible. She took it on and has been sharing the journey of bare essentials on her blog, My Year Without Spending since January. I recently checked in for an in-person mid-year report.
FYI: The Compact is a commitment to buy no new stuff for twelve months. There are rules but you get to make them and you get to have exceptions (see Angela’s must-haves). You can also borrow, barter or buy anything secondhand.

It turns out that living with less really is best for this Eagle Rocker. She doesn’t feel deprived in the slightest about not visiting the mall for seven months. In fact, she’s found that what started as a commitment …

Green Back To School Guide 2009

SustainableGroupBack2SchoolkitOh yes we know it well, the time of year when hot summer beach days turn into hot summer school days (or at least in the 818 where I grew up.) What you might not realize though is how much buying traditional items for “back to school” can significantly increase your footprint. From buying new school supplies such as binders and folders to backpacks and lunch sacks, the materials that these items are made from can definitely take a toll on you and the planet. Fortunately we’ve sorted through a bit of the back to school consumer machine to bring you our picks of best in green for back to school.
*Before though, we’d like to ask you to take a look around your home and office, make sure you can’t reuse something you already own. Often times, only half of notebooks are used up before they are discarded, etc. Rather …

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