Meatless In May

Think there’s nothing wrong with eating a hamburger, or two, three or four? Think again. Besides giving you too many extra inches around the middle and increasing risk for heart disease, meat consumption accounts for a large portion of global green house gases. So tomorrow, we’re kicking off our second annual “Meatless in May ” campaign to help bring awareness to the environmental impact of animal consumption .

This lady did Meatless May!

The Facts:

The production and raising of livestock uses 30% of the Earth’s arable land for pasture, an additional 33% of the land to grow and cultivate their feed and 5,000 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat (compare that to the 25 gallons of water that to produce one pound of wheat). Cattle also contribute substantial amounts of pollution to the water supply due to manure, antibiotics and the pesticides used to produce their food.

These numbers make you want to think twice before taking that extra bite of steak. In fact if we each chose to go meatless this month, we can individually keep up to 420 lbs of carbon emissions out of the air (for our first campaign with 200 participants we kept over 80,000 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere).

And to help fellow meat eaters along this journey, we’ll be highlighting environmental effects of meat production, great vegetarian recipes, restaurants, protein sources and more.

If you’re worried you won’t have anything to eat, rest assured you will. Now might even be a good time to try out your local CSA or other organic produce delivery to ensure that you’re never out of fresh vegetables to cook with.

To join to campaign, simply sign become a fan of our Meatless in May Facebook Page.

The rules are simple for this campaign — “meatless” means no animals (including fish). Eggs and dairy are okay.

Be sure to visit Your Daily Thread and partner sites all month long for tips on living meat free, giveaways and interesting debates on how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

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Blast From the Past: Check out videos and more from last year’s campaign.

YDT Giveaway: Readers who join the campaign will be entered to win a copy of Fresh from the Farmers’ Market. A perfect recipe book to help you cook up seasonal veggies in a yummy way.

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