Here Comes the Sun

Workouts to Get Your Body Summer Ready

Summer is officially here, so we thought it best to round up a few of our favorite workouts to get your body ready. Always remember to put on the sunscreen!

xoxo, YDT


Donation Based Yoga at Runyon Canyon: This has been one of our favorites since day one and it is still going strong. Classes take place multiple times a day. What better way is there to get your OM on while soaking up some healthy vitamin D? Learn more at Want More? Here’s our article on donation based yoga throughout L.A. and online.

Run From the Paparazzi: Now normally I can’t stand the paparazzi, but hey if it helps me burn off the calories from my organic Dark and Stormy, than maybe I’ll tolerate them for a mile or two. Sign up at

Inner Peace at the Sala: Culver City has a new wellness space that is all the rage (full review up soon). In addition to a variety of treatments, Raksa offers a sala space filled with a classes ranging from Community Yoga to Qigong and Tai Chi. With some going for as little as $10, it’s hard to beat the price.

Body Inspired Fitness: Move over happy hour, say hello to Power Hour. Fitness Expert Angela Parker is kicking off a new class in Santa Monica on July 7th that will definitely get you and your workout out of that rut. If you’re the type of exerciser who is eager to charge the mountain (like me), this class sounds perfect. Curious if it is right for you? There is a free preview class on Wednesday June 23rd at 6 & 6:45 p.m. Packages and prices range.

Yoga on the Pier: Does life get any better than taking a free yoga class on the Malibu Pier while looking at the Pacific? Yes it does, because you get a free breakfast too. Yoga at the Pier is back and will be offering free yoga classes every Saturday at 8:45 a.m. followed by a free continental breakfast at the Beachcomber cafe from now until September 4th. Learn more at

More Pilates Please: Our friend and Pilates Instructor Kristen Mathews is offering 1 hr mat Pilates classes every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at Palisades Park in Santa Monica. A Pilates toned bod and fresh ocean air sounds like a win-win to me, plus at $10 a class, the price is truly a steal.

Image via Lululemon’s Flickr