Getting Drunk Off Kombucha?

I went into my local Whole Foods the other day and low and behold, they were out of kombucha. Odd I thought, but no biggie, perhaps they’re out of stock.


It turns out .. Kombucha’s alcohol levels might be higher than what was originally thought. According to,

“Whole Foods is removing a fermented, sweetened tea called kombucha from its shelves because of concerns over slightly elevated alcohol levels.

Whole Foods spokeswoman Kate Lowery said Thursday that a couple dozen kombucha suppliers agreed to a voluntary withdrawl of the products after conversations indicated the alcohol levels may be elevated. She did not know how much alcohol the drinks contained. Product containing 0.5 percent or more of alcohol must carry a government warning.”

I won’t lie, a few months back I was drinking GT’s ginger flavored kombucha on an empty stomach and I definitely felt a little woosie. Who knows what that really was ( I am a light weight), but I have no proof or anything.

Can’t live without your kombucha? You can learn how to make in locally from Hannah Crumb’s Kombucha Kamp. She also shares her insights as a home brewing on what is going on with the recall and alcohol levels found in these medicinal fermented beverages.