Five L.A. Women Bloggers Up to Green Good

We love it when people are up to something interesting and even more when they share it with the world. So here are five women doing something green in Los Angeles, and blogging about it.

Jackie_Believe_122509On Snob on a Bus, Jacquelyn dishes about her experience as a self-described snob who never saw herself taking public transport but now is carless and a regular bus-rider. However, her posts don’t sound snobby to me—just honest. It’s a kind of journal, each entry starting out with what she’s wearing and the weather at her usual stop in front of the 711 convenience store. She then goes on to give an account of bus happenings once it pulls up—wishes and woes, wonderings and wins. Most engaging are her interactions with people—the guy who holds the bus for her, the funny exchange with the driver. It’s a wild ride.

jessicaWe know Jessica from her work at Heal the Bay (and these recommendations on being an eco-dog owner), but now she’s got a new passion: Chew-Gooder. She confesses, “everything I grew up thinking about food and its heath implications, both towards my body and the planet, was wrong” (can I ever relate to that!). But now, living in L.A., land of agricultural plenty, she’s exploring what it means to do right by the world and yourself in what you choose to chew. She experimented with being vegan for a month, reported on the restaurant in Santa Monica serving endangered whale meat and shares recipes, local beers, and green food fare weekly.


AngatHuntingtonYou met Angela from My Year Without Spending in this YDT interview. And she’s still at it. After a year of The Compact, buying nothing new and instead bartering, buying used or foregoing purchases altogether, she’s extending her commitment to cut down on stuff into the future. She fesses up to her (very limited) food waste on Fridays, features other people’s Thrifty Threads secondhand clothing scores on Thursdays and takes baby steps toward a greener life all the time.

goldengirlsWhat do you get when you combine mad crafting skills and a fashion budget of 365 dollars for the whole year? New Dress a Day where Marisa takes a vintage find every day and makes it into something magical. (Needless to say she’s a big fan of Jet Rag’s Sunday sidewalk sales.) No new purchases necessary for her wardrobe! See what happens when you pay five bucks for fabric and sew your own purse for prom—you have a lifetime ahead of you to awe and inspire the rest of us to DIY our closets.

saraSara at The Daily Ocean is on a mission to do her part for cleaning our beaches of debris, one day at a time. You don’t have to make cleaning up your community (and hers is Santa Monica) official. She told Green LA Girl: “Who needs an organized cleanup? Just grab a bag, go to the damn beach, and pick some stuff up.” And that’s what she does, for twenty minutes everyday. She’s collected over 400 pounds so far this year! And it’s amazing what she finds on those daily rites: toothbrushes, beer cans, straws, fast food packaging, flip flops. lighters, makeup…the works.


Inspired? I know I am.

What other blogs inspire you?