Win a Free Trip to Machu Picchu

Want to marvel at one of the wonders of the world? This wish can come true for one lucky subscriber in our Carbon Off Set Inca Trail Trip giveaway courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

Imagine you at the top of Machu Picchu taking in breathtaking views that few will ever see. You’ve learned so much from your travel experience already…you can’t wait to share it all with your friends back home.

But before you get there we need you to tell us:

Why Does Traveling Make the World A Better Place?


To Enter Follow These Simple Steps:

1) Create a 1 minute video or 100 word blog post answering the question, “Why does traveling make the world a better place? Mail a you tube link/video link of the video or your blog post submission to submit@yourdailythread.com

2) You Must become a subscriber to Both Your Daily Thread’s Daily Email and Intrepid Travel’s …

Five L.A. Women Bloggers Up to Green Good

We love it when people are up to something interesting and even more when they share it with the world. So here are five women doing something green in Los Angeles, and blogging about it.

Jackie_Believe_122509On Snob on a Bus, Jacquelyn dishes about her experience as a self-described snob who never saw herself taking public transport but now is carless and a regular bus-rider. However, her posts don’t sound snobby to me—just honest. It’s a kind of journal, each entry starting out with what she’s wearing and the weather at her usual stop in front of the 711 convenience store. She then goes on to give an account of bus happenings once it pulls up—wishes and woes, wonderings and wins. Most engaging are her interactions with people—the guy who holds the bus for her, the funny exchange with the driver. It’s a wild ride.

jessicaWe know Jessica from …

Garden Tour in Mar Vista

At first look, the neighborhood of Mar Vista looks like many other West Side communities. Local coffee shops, weekly farmers markets and laid back, friendly residents are staples.

What sets Mar Vista apart is its citizens burning desire to green from within.

Garden Showcase Logo no date

With permission from the neighborhood council, Mar Vista created its own green committee, and that was just the beginning. Flash forward, the Green Commitee hosts a booth at the Farmer’s market where it invites environmental educators to enlighten citizens weekly, was selected to be a pilot community in the Rain Barrel Harvesting project, hosted a neighborhood water wise expo with Ed Begley, Jr. as the featured key note speaker and got the council to fund the Santa Monica based nonprofit Sustainable Works environmental education course to come teach the residents of Mar Vista further ways to go green.

But perhaps the most impressive accomplishment so far is the switch …

Sweet Dream-Inducing Bedroom

pillowAfter hearing bau-biologist Mary Cordaro speak at Livingreen a few years ago, I walked out with two sustainable kapok-filled pillows. Ever since, I’ve undertaken the slow process of making the rest of my bedroom follow suit. It won’t happen overnight, but the journey to build your very own green sleep sanctuary, step by step, is well worth the effort. Rest assured.
Here’s why.

Boudoir Facts:

*We spend a third of our lives (hopefully!) sleeping (Science Today).

*Dust mites are the enemies of many allergy-sufferers. And they love our beds. We shed two-three pounds of skin cells every year, giving dust mites a real feast under the covers (achoo).

*Those lights from a digital alarm clock can disrupt your sleep cycle (Nat’nl Sleep Research project). So can surfing the net and working right before bed.

*We inhale whatever is in the materials our beds and bedding are made of—sticking our faces in …

Tavin: A Taste of World Bazaar in Echo Park

NYC transplant and stylist Erin Julie Tavin, owner of Echo Park’s Tavin boutique, is one of the bright spots in the neighborhood these days. After a stint working as a stylist/costumer in the film industry, Erin Tavin opened her dream store in July 2009.

More than just “curb appeal,” Tavin proffers a burgeoning communal space, comparable to that of a world bazaar, for bohemian artists, musicians, fashionistas, designers and L.A. neighbors. Its gypsy interior, made from sustainable and reclaimed materials, transports shoppers to metropolitan Meccas like Paris, Rome or the Lower East Side of NYC. “It’s very whimsical and absolutely full of eye candy,” says Justina Blakeney, one of the designers featured on Tavin’s shelves. Blakeney, who runs the line Compai, helped build Tavin’s interior, turning old ballet bars into clothing racks, reclaimed windows into shelves for object d’arts and installing a front door looted from a salvage yard.

Tavin offers …

Have a Home Brew

Home Brewer Brent Fedor tells us how to BIY.


Why not? I love beer and I love cooking. It seemed like a no-brainer the day I flipped through SkyMall magazine and saw the Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit. My eyes lit up like the Fourth of July and within just a couple weeks I had in my hands the best invention since fire.

So, since 2006, I’ve been making my own beer and enjoying its sweet reward. Think about it: the furthest you’ll have to go for your next beer run is the kitchen. You can also figure that in many cases there’s decent savings per bottle compared to buying a craft brew.
In the last couple of years, I’ve made some upgrades to my home brew setup, graduating from the Mr. Beer level to a hand-picked set of tools to make more beer per batch and have easier ways to …

5 Swimsuit Lines That We’re Sweating

It’s getting hot out there – and we’re not talking about the weather.


After all of your healthy eating, hefty workouts and sunless tanning you’re ready to show off that stellar bod. Here are five eco-chic swimsuit lines that will have you looking and feeling fab.

Thrills & Frills

You’re sure to turn some heads this summer when strutting down the boardwalk in one of Emobi’s hot numbers. Using environmentally water-based dyes, these low-impact, earth-friendly swimsuits will have a major impact on those around you. Pieces like this one piece are quite frilling, don’t you think?

Into the Wild

Using vintage fabrics that she has collected over years of traveling, JungleGurl designer Natalie Golonka creates one-of-a-kind swimsuits made to bring out the lioness in you. Tribal patterns, animal prints and earth tones may emphasize the strength and nature of this eco-friendly line; that confidence in your walk and sway in your …

5 Summertime Gifts

Display your good manners by arriving with these unique hostess gifts in hand.


While this perpetually sun-kissed land by the sea is always ideal for parties, summertime gatherings are particularly enchanting in L.A. Hot days yield to cool evenings, when family and friends gather for dinner parties, cocktail hour, or game night—often al fresco. And as a guest, the polite gesture is to bring a gift for the host. Here are our under $20 local picks sure to delight any party-giver.

Hairpin Trio

Marlene Caldera, the owner of San Gabriel-based Etsy shop Pretty Perch, is one thrift store-lovin’, vintage-findin’, crafty creator whose bright and sunny $12.50 hairpins, ever-appropriate for that girl-host, debuted in 2008. “It would be nice to bring [social graces] back,” Caldera says. She recommends reading Let’s Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume.

Beeswax Candle

The L.A. duo behind these unusual 100 percent raw beeswax candles practice what …

Getting Drunk Off Kombucha?

I went into my local Whole Foods the other day and low and behold, they were out of kombucha. Odd I thought, but no biggie, perhaps they’re out of stock.


It turns out .. Kombucha’s alcohol levels might be higher than what was originally thought. According to Salon.com,

“Whole Foods is removing a fermented, sweetened tea called kombucha from its shelves because of concerns over slightly elevated alcohol levels.

Whole Foods spokeswoman Kate Lowery said Thursday that a couple dozen kombucha suppliers agreed to a voluntary withdrawl of the products after conversations indicated the alcohol levels may be elevated. She did not know how much alcohol the drinks contained. Product containing 0.5 percent or more of alcohol must carry a government warning.”

I won’t lie, a few months back I was drinking GT’s ginger flavored kombucha on an empty stomach and I definitely felt a little woosie. Who knows what that …

Silverlake Yoga

If you live anywhere near Silver Lake, you’ve probably passed Silverlake Yoga —on Glendale Blvd. at the corner of Rowena—a million times. Maybe you’ve even thought about checking it out. As someone who has found her “yoga home” at SLY after years trying different studios around town, I’m here to tell you, gentle Nike-style, just go in.


You’ll be welcomed with open arms. Not literally, because there’s no touchy-feely, New-Age-y hijinks at SLY, just a friendly smile and greeting by one of the instructors. Juliette Kurth and Jonathan Emerson, the couple who co-founded the studio in 1995, still teach classes and keep a protective eye over the large, well-lit space.

Still need persuading to walk through the door? Let me address some possible fears and considerations:

1) “I’m intimidated. I’ve never done yoga before.” SLY is an inviting studio that’s incredibly low-key and decidedly unintimidating. In the current parlance, it’s user-friendly. …

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