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What: Sign up for YDT’s free “Going Green Bootcamp”

Why: Get whipped into shape from an Eco-Zero into an Eco-Hero. We’ll be covering the complete gamut of green living tips, ranging from energy usage to sustainable fabrics and everything in between.

Where: Email delivered to your inbox (You don’t have to be an Angeleno to join)

When: The bootcamp starts April 5, 2010 and runs for 20 days (business days that is)

Who: Hosted by yours truly, Your Daily, a modern guide for the eco-curious and social do-gooder

Think you’re already an Eco-Hero? We’ll be offering advanced tips too to help you “earn your stripes” and develop even more green cred.

Learn more at details about the going green bootcamp here.

So, your friends could use a little green kick-in-the-butt too?  Send them a friendly invitation to join the bootcamp. Remember – it’s always best to workout with a friend.  (sorry, right now you can only invite one friend at a time).

If you’re excited to go green, but feel you still need some of the basic “stuff” (like water filter, biodegradable bags, etc.), check out our “Going Green Starter Kit” which gives you all the tools you need to get off on the right foot. It’s like equipping your green gym bag.  Available as of April 5, 2010.

If you’re new to, then welcome!  The site is a modern guide for the eco-curious and social do-gooder.  If you want to be in the know about what’s green, sustainable and local, then sign up for our daily email or weekly roundup!