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The Official Eastside Green Guide

In L.A. it often feels as if the Westside is leading the charge when it comes to being consciously green.  As it turns out, the Eastside is its own eco-oasis if you only know where to look.  Fortunately, ydt’s put together a comprehensive Green Guide to the East Side to help you out.

  • Naturewell: Sort of like when 7/11 meets your natural bulk bin—Naturewell is Sunset Junction’s one stop shop for coffee, smoothies, organic juices on the go, bulk grains, legumes, nuts and even spices.  Reasonably priced too.Contact info:  3824 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 664-5894 Map it.
  • Intelligentsia: Intelligentsia prides itself on bringing customers high-end coffee and tea that supports sustainable farming and fair labor practices.  Learn more about its Direct Trade program and visit the Junction for an aromatic latte and delicious pastry made by local bakeries. Contact info:  3922 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles,
Five L.A. Women Bloggers Up to Green Good

We love it when people are up to something interesting and even more when they share it with the world. So here are five women doing something green in Los Angeles, and blogging about it.

Jackie_Believe_122509On Snob on a Bus, Jacquelyn dishes about her experience as a self-described snob who never saw herself taking public transport but now is carless and a regular bus-rider. However, her posts don’t sound snobby to me—just honest. It’s a kind of journal, each entry starting out with what she’s wearing and the weather at her usual stop in front of the 711 convenience store. She then goes on to give an account of bus happenings once it pulls up—wishes and woes, wonderings and wins. Most engaging are her interactions with people—the guy who holds the bus for her, the funny exchange with the driver. It’s a wild ride.

jessicaWe know Jessica from …

5 Summertime Gifts

Display your good manners by arriving with these unique hostess gifts in hand.


While this perpetually sun-kissed land by the sea is always ideal for parties, summertime gatherings are particularly enchanting in L.A. Hot days yield to cool evenings, when family and friends gather for dinner parties, cocktail hour, or game night—often al fresco. And as a guest, the polite gesture is to bring a gift for the host. Here are our under $20 local picks sure to delight any party-giver.

Hairpin Trio

Marlene Caldera, the owner of San Gabriel-based Etsy shop Pretty Perch, is one thrift store-lovin’, vintage-findin’, crafty creator whose bright and sunny $12.50 hairpins, ever-appropriate for that girl-host, debuted in 2008. “It would be nice to bring [social graces] back,” Caldera says. She recommends reading Let’s Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume.

Beeswax Candle

The L.A. duo behind these unusual 100 percent raw beeswax candles practice what …

Eat Pray Love, Retreat

Does taking a sabbatical from your life and heading to Italy, India and Bali for a year sound good? Yea we think so too. But the ability of leaving for a year isn’t an option for all of us (hey, we’ve got to be real). So what’s an inner peace seeker to do?


Come to a one-day wellness retreat YDT is hosting with Raksa Wellness Center in honor of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Join us on Sunday August 15th in Culver City for a day marveling as we:

Eat: Receive an Ayurvedic consultation and enjoy custom meal based on your dosha.

Pray: Experience yoga and meditation in the eco-friendly sala space.

Love: Discover your heart through a hypnosis for love session.

And of course we will end the retreat at the Culver Plaza Theater by watching the film and taking home a goodie bag filled with thoughtful gifts (they’re great, …

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