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Eat Outside The Box

California restaurants for a cause.

The New Year seems to bring out the resolutions in us—we mull over how we’re going to make up for holiday sweets and carry over our generous spirit into the coming months. So what if you can be a charitable citizen and healthy epicurean at the same time? Turns out you can at these four CA eateries.


Homegirl Café, the culinary child of Homeboy Industries, is a restaurant with a mission: to get at-risk women off the streets and into the kitchen to carve out futures in the food service industry. The result is a modern Downtown L.A. spot with a menu of delicious Latin-inspired foods including my favorite, red mole tacos. With the funds going back into programs like cooking classes, organic gardening and baking (hand-in-hand with Homeboy Bakery), Homegirl Café serves up both food and purpose.

Karma Kitchen, a volunteer-driven program on Sundays within …

Win a Free Trip to Machu Picchu

Want to marvel at one of the wonders of the world? This wish can come true for one lucky subscriber in our Carbon Off Set Inca Trail Trip giveaway courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

Imagine you at the top of Machu Picchu taking in breathtaking views that few will ever see. You’ve learned so much from your travel experience already…you can’t wait to share it all with your friends back home.

But before you get there we need you to tell us:

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To Enter Follow These Simple Steps:

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5 Swimsuit Lines That We’re Sweating

It’s getting hot out there – and we’re not talking about the weather.


After all of your healthy eating, hefty workouts and sunless tanning you’re ready to show off that stellar bod. Here are five eco-chic swimsuit lines that will have you looking and feeling fab.

Thrills & Frills

You’re sure to turn some heads this summer when strutting down the boardwalk in one of Emobi’s hot numbers. Using environmentally water-based dyes, these low-impact, earth-friendly swimsuits will have a major impact on those around you. Pieces like this one piece are quite frilling, don’t you think?

Into the Wild

Using vintage fabrics that she has collected over years of traveling, JungleGurl designer Natalie Golonka creates one-of-a-kind swimsuits made to bring out the lioness in you. Tribal patterns, animal prints and earth tones may emphasize the strength and nature of this eco-friendly line; that confidence in your walk and sway in your …

Angela Barton’s Compact: A Year Well Spent

moneyExcess was never sexy to Angela Barton, no matter how many letters the words share. So when she heard about The Compact from an article on its founder, John Perry, in Sunset Magazine, she found the buy nothing challenge irresistible. She took it on and has been sharing the journey of bare essentials on her blog, My Year Without Spending since January. I recently checked in for an in-person mid-year report.
FYI: The Compact is a commitment to buy no new stuff for twelve months. There are rules but you get to make them and you get to have exceptions (see Angela’s must-haves). You can also borrow, barter or buy anything secondhand.

It turns out that living with less really is best for this Eagle Rocker. She doesn’t feel deprived in the slightest about not visiting the mall for seven months. In fact, she’s found that what started as a commitment …

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