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DIY Green Spring Cleaning

bakvinIt’s still technically spring, so if other obligations have kept you from you spring cleaning there is still time. You’ve probably noticed that more and more companies are formulating and marketing greener, less toxic cleaners. And that’s great. But me, I generally never need to buy any of them. Why buy when you can DIY?

Below is a sneak peek into my cleaning cabinet filled with easy to make cleaners that won’t break the bank or expose you to nasty chems that can cause problems from asthma to reproductive harm (more info on the problems with conventional cleaners from Women’s Voices for the Earth. Just think, of the eighty some thousand chemicals we use, only about thirteen hundred have even been tested for safety-scary, right?

Vinegar Spray
This works beautifully for glass, mirror, counters, tile floors, sinks and other surfaces. I buy vinegar in bulk from Smart & Final and use …

Here Comes the Sun

Workouts to Get Your Body Summer Ready

Summer is officially here, so we thought it best to round up a few of our favorite workouts to get your body ready. Always remember to put on the sunscreen!

xoxo, YDT


Donation Based Yoga at Runyon Canyon: This has been one of our favorites since day one and it is still going strong. Classes take place multiple times a day. What better way is there to get your OM on while soaking up some healthy vitamin D? Learn more at Want More? Here’s our article on donation based yoga throughout L.A. and online.

Run From the Paparazzi: Now normally I can’t stand the paparazzi, but hey if it helps me burn off the calories from my organic Dark and Stormy, than maybe I’ll tolerate them for a mile or two. Sign up at

Inner Peace at the Sala: Culver City has …

How To Plan A Green Beach Bash

eco-friendly-beach-style-partyAn eco-friendly guide for planning the perfect beach party.

Summer is peeking around the corner, beckoning us with the aroma of coconut sunscreen and the promise of sand between our toes. Can you feel it? The first beach party of the season is calling! Besides, now that you’ve found the perfect eco-chic swimsuit, it’s time to show it off. Gather your favorite fellow beach bums and follow our guide for an eco-friendly day of fun in the sun.

Location is everything. Be sure to do your research. Are there grilling facilities? Are pets or alcohol allowed? Do large groups need a permit? Check online or ask local officials so you can avoid buzzkill fines. Also, choose a beach that suits you. Are you looking for private seclusion or are you ready to make new friends?

Your Daily Thread Tip: If you’d like to stay the night, check out the solar powered …

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