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Ethical Fashion By Alex Davis

bahar_shahpar2In the land of Hollywood fashion, glamour and money, stylists are easy to come by. However, stylists who seek to promote and support the use of ethical fashion and design-that is more of a diamond in the rough. For the ydt launch party, co-founder Lauren and I were lucky to get styled by one of these rare gems, Alex Davis. Post-event we sat down with her to pick her brain about fashion, sustainability, ethics and more.
Your Daily Thread: What inspired you to get into eco/ethical fashion?

Alex Davis: Ethical fashion to me represents a fusion of a lot of different things I am passionate about. I have always been a fashion freak, especially vintage fashion. Everywhere I traveled, including around my home state of Minnesota, I sought out the best vintage stores. In college, I majored in International Relations, which is essentially the study of foreign affairs and global issues …

Meatless In May

Think there’s nothing wrong with eating a hamburger, or two, three or four? Think again. Besides giving you too many extra inches around the middle and increasing risk for heart disease, meat consumption accounts for a large portion of global green house gases. So tomorrow, we’re kicking off our second annual “Meatless in May ” campaign to help bring awareness to the environmental impact of animal consumption .

This lady did Meatless May!

The Facts:

The production and raising of livestock uses 30% of the Earth’s arable land for pasture, an additional 33% of the land to grow and cultivate their feed and 5,000 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat (compare that to the 25 gallons of water that to produce one pound of wheat). Cattle also contribute substantial amounts of pollution to the water supply due to manure, antibiotics and the pesticides used to produce their …

Tavin: A Taste of World Bazaar in Echo Park

NYC transplant and stylist Erin Julie Tavin, owner of Echo Park’s Tavin boutique, is one of the bright spots in the neighborhood these days. After a stint working as a stylist/costumer in the film industry, Erin Tavin opened her dream store in July 2009.

More than just “curb appeal,” Tavin proffers a burgeoning communal space, comparable to that of a world bazaar, for bohemian artists, musicians, fashionistas, designers and L.A. neighbors. Its gypsy interior, made from sustainable and reclaimed materials, transports shoppers to metropolitan Meccas like Paris, Rome or the Lower East Side of NYC. “It’s very whimsical and absolutely full of eye candy,” says Justina Blakeney, one of the designers featured on Tavin’s shelves. Blakeney, who runs the line Compai, helped build Tavin’s interior, turning old ballet bars into clothing racks, reclaimed windows into shelves for object d’arts and installing a front door looted from a salvage yard.

Tavin offers …

Give Back…Your Christmas Tree

Around 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. annually according to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), an organization that represents Christmas tree growers. Unfortunately, just 69 percent are recycled into mulch. I’ve unhappily observed too many dumpster-abandoned trees in the city. (And in case you’re wondering where to do just that, click here.) But now there’s The Living Christmas Company (TLCC), a Redondo Beach-based group that rents out locally-grown varieties of living Christmas trees as an environmentally-conscious and convenient alternative to cut or artificial trees.

This year, TLCC officially launches as the largest Christmas tree rental company – including being the first to rent, own and grow its own trees – in the country. “Our mission to redefine the way California celebrates the holidays goes beyond just saving a tree – we are working to create sustainable and regenerative solutions that we can pass down to future generations,” …

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