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Fit and Active Through the Holidays + A Giveaway to Keep You in Shape

3-200x300As the holidays get stressful, the first thing to get dropped is often our exercise routine.  This is rather unfortunate because exercise is a tool we have to help eliminate stress and the extra pounds that come from munching on holiday treats.

If you’re worried about falling off the treadmill, fear not. I recently sat down with certified Pilates instructor Kristen Matthews who shared some tips to keep your core tight and your body lean during the holidays and beyond.

The twenty minute yoga introduction ..

Compared to working out in a gym, Pilates is much better for the environment since it uses no electricity and can be practiced almost anywhere.  And by doing it outdoors you can save even more energy.

Kristen teaches a bi-weekly outdoor mat class on Thursdays at 4 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on Ocean and Palisades Aves. in Santa Monica. The class is perfect …

An Apple Everyday This Fall

Venture just outside the city to find your own fall harvest crop

‘Tis the season for apples. And that means Grandma will inevitably whip out her famous apple pie any chance she can. Can’t you just taste the crisp, sweet, succulent treat? But what Grandma doesn’t know is that the VERY best apples can’t be found at the grocery store…

While fall brings endless apple varieties to the stands and farmers’ markets, why not carpool with the gang and go apple picking at a U-Pick orchard of your choice?The best-of-the-best So Cal orchards can be found within 90 miles of Los Angeles. Connect with nature, get some much-needed Vitamin D and “fall” in love with our favorite picks:

*Riley’s Farm was homesteaded in the 1880s. Rich in history and family culture, Riley’s offers daily U-Pick apple and pumpkin orchards, among others, from 10am – 5pm. Find the apple your heart desires …

Sweet Dream-Inducing Bedroom

pillowAfter hearing bau-biologist Mary Cordaro speak at Livingreen a few years ago, I walked out with two sustainable kapok-filled pillows. Ever since, I’ve undertaken the slow process of making the rest of my bedroom follow suit. It won’t happen overnight, but the journey to build your very own green sleep sanctuary, step by step, is well worth the effort. Rest assured.
Here’s why.

Boudoir Facts:

*We spend a third of our lives (hopefully!) sleeping (Science Today).

*Dust mites are the enemies of many allergy-sufferers. And they love our beds. We shed two-three pounds of skin cells every year, giving dust mites a real feast under the covers (achoo).

*Those lights from a digital alarm clock can disrupt your sleep cycle (Nat’nl Sleep Research project). So can surfing the net and working right before bed.

*We inhale whatever is in the materials our beds and bedding are made of—sticking our faces in …

Silverlake Yoga

If you live anywhere near Silver Lake, you’ve probably passed Silverlake Yoga —on Glendale Blvd. at the corner of Rowena—a million times. Maybe you’ve even thought about checking it out. As someone who has found her “yoga home” at SLY after years trying different studios around town, I’m here to tell you, gentle Nike-style, just go in.


You’ll be welcomed with open arms. Not literally, because there’s no touchy-feely, New-Age-y hijinks at SLY, just a friendly smile and greeting by one of the instructors. Juliette Kurth and Jonathan Emerson, the couple who co-founded the studio in 1995, still teach classes and keep a protective eye over the large, well-lit space.

Still need persuading to walk through the door? Let me address some possible fears and considerations:

1) “I’m intimidated. I’ve never done yoga before.” SLY is an inviting studio that’s incredibly low-key and decidedly unintimidating. In the current parlance, it’s user-friendly. …

From Eco Zero-Eco Hero: Green Boot Camp


The Skinny:

YDT is here to help you get in to tip top green shape, even if you’ve never recycled before and just in time for the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day this April 22nd.

Let’s face it: being green is not always easy (despite what Kermit once said). Whether life gets busy or you simply don’t know where to begin. Adopting greener habits can sometimes seem daunting. We’re here to show you that it’s not and we’ll teach you how step by step.

On Monday, April 5th we’re kicking off our Going Green Boot Camp. All earth month long we’ll dish simple tips that will get you greener. In fact, we’ll help you turn from an Eco-Zero into an Eco-Hero. That’s right. And as ydt readers you’re the first to know.

We’ll be covering the complete gamut of green living tips guidance ranging from energy usage to sustainable fabrics …

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