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The Sexual Health Benefits of Self-Love

masturbation-is-healthyMom’s are constantly on the go, and after a day of changing nappies, playing with toys, constant tidying, and making meal after meal, there’s not much time left for yourself. In fact, one recent study determined that on average moms are only able to eke out about 17 minutes for themselves per day, and that can make for more than just a crabby mom, it can make for an absolutely miserable household. So when you do manage to find those few precious moments to yourself how do you make the most of them? While many moms turn to a book, or a relaxing bath, it turns out there’s something else you can do that’s not only fun, but good for you too – masturbation.

Firstly, it’s important to dispel any bad elements .. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation .. and there is also nothing wrong with using sex toys

The Scoop on Dog Poop

dog-poopThe late Harvey Milk’s dog poop campaign wasn’t just good politics. Yes, we all hate happening on a pile of it on our neighborhood walks, but it’s more than unsightly, it’s bad for people and the planet. I went to Jessica Belsky, Heal the Bay’s Communications Manager, for the full scoop.
I think we all know what not to do with dog waste–leave it on the street or in grassy areas. So, why not? What’s the problem with that and how does it specifically affect our waterways?

Well, aside from the obvious — someone might step in it, there are water quality problems associated with not picking up the doo. Pet waste contains a lot of bacteria. During a rainstorm, all of that un-picked-up poo and its associated bacteria, heads with the rain water directly down a storm drain, you know, those drains on the street curbs. These drains don’t end …

Garden Tour in Mar Vista

At first look, the neighborhood of Mar Vista looks like many other West Side communities. Local coffee shops, weekly farmers markets and laid back, friendly residents are staples.

What sets Mar Vista apart is its citizens burning desire to green from within.

Garden Showcase Logo no date

With permission from the neighborhood council, Mar Vista created its own green committee, and that was just the beginning. Flash forward, the Green Commitee hosts a booth at the Farmer’s market where it invites environmental educators to enlighten citizens weekly, was selected to be a pilot community in the Rain Barrel Harvesting project, hosted a neighborhood water wise expo with Ed Begley, Jr. as the featured key note speaker and got the council to fund the Santa Monica based nonprofit Sustainable Works environmental education course to come teach the residents of Mar Vista further ways to go green.

But perhaps the most impressive accomplishment so far is the switch …

Getting Drunk Off Kombucha?

I went into my local Whole Foods the other day and low and behold, they were out of kombucha. Odd I thought, but no biggie, perhaps they’re out of stock.


It turns out .. Kombucha’s alcohol levels might be higher than what was originally thought. According to,

“Whole Foods is removing a fermented, sweetened tea called kombucha from its shelves because of concerns over slightly elevated alcohol levels.

Whole Foods spokeswoman Kate Lowery said Thursday that a couple dozen kombucha suppliers agreed to a voluntary withdrawl of the products after conversations indicated the alcohol levels may be elevated. She did not know how much alcohol the drinks contained. Product containing 0.5 percent or more of alcohol must carry a government warning.”

I won’t lie, a few months back I was drinking GT’s ginger flavored kombucha on an empty stomach and I definitely felt a little woosie. Who knows what that …

Green Back To School Guide 2009

SustainableGroupBack2SchoolkitOh yes we know it well, the time of year when hot summer beach days turn into hot summer school days (or at least in the 818 where I grew up.) What you might not realize though is how much buying traditional items for “back to school” can significantly increase your footprint. From buying new school supplies such as binders and folders to backpacks and lunch sacks, the materials that these items are made from can definitely take a toll on you and the planet. Fortunately we’ve sorted through a bit of the back to school consumer machine to bring you our picks of best in green for back to school.
*Before though, we’d like to ask you to take a look around your home and office, make sure you can’t reuse something you already own. Often times, only half of notebooks are used up before they are discarded, etc. Rather …

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