Have a Home Brew

Home Brewer Brent Fedor tells us how to BIY.


Why not? I love beer and I love cooking. It seemed like a no-brainer the day I flipped through SkyMall magazine and saw the Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit. My eyes lit up like the Fourth of July and within just a couple weeks I had in my hands the best invention since fire.

So, since 2006, I’ve been making my own beer and enjoying its sweet reward. Think about it: the furthest you’ll have to go for your next beer run is the kitchen. You can also figure that in many cases there’s decent savings per bottle compared to buying a craft brew.
In the last couple of years, I’ve made some upgrades to my home brew setup, graduating from the Mr. Beer level to a hand-picked set of tools to make more beer per batch and have easier ways to …

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