About Us

What is Your Daily Thread?
Your Daily Thread is an award-winning free daily email that delivers the inside scoop on living green and doing good. We help our readers lead more eco-curious lives by providing a highly-curated selection of ideas, products, shopping, dining and events delivered into their inboxes daily.

We cover the following categories:

  • Live & Play: Excercise tips, love advice, travel, work, giving back
  • Green & Good: DIY, green 411, eco-tools, inspirational heroes, green tips
  • Beauty & Style: Fierce fashion and beauty advice served up with an eco-twist.
  • Weekend Guide: Cool things to do on your weekend that make the most of your backyard.
  • Eat & Drink: Farm to table, organic cocktails, recipes, farmers market favorites, restaurant reviews.

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What the Press is Saying
Named as a site that is “Greening the City of Angeles” by urban lifestyle magazine 944, YourDailyThread.com has garnered positive press and endorsements from green power houses like The Huffington Post, Ecorazzi, Live Earth, Opportunity Green and others.

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How We Got Started
Your Daily Thread was created by high school best friends Tracy Hepler and Lauren Johanson. After graduating from college (Tracy @ UC Santa Barbara and Lauren @ University of Richmond), both women spent a year abroad to learn more about themselves and the world. Tracy taught English in Europe; Lauren volunteered at an Indian Orphanage and on organic farms in Thailand and New Zealand.

After moving back to the city they knew as kids, they searched for a source to learn about what there was to do as adults. Their experiences in college and abroad had sparked a growing interest in green living and social good. This prompted them to seek out people and places living out these ideals through out Los Angeles.

Not satisfied with what was available at the time, they decided to create their own guide to explore, connect and traverse the city.

This is how Your Daily Thread came to be, a project from the heart of two best friends.

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