5 Summertime Gifts

Display your good manners by arriving with these unique hostess gifts in hand.


While this perpetually sun-kissed land by the sea is always ideal for parties, summertime gatherings are particularly enchanting in L.A. Hot days yield to cool evenings, when family and friends gather for dinner parties, cocktail hour, or game night—often al fresco. And as a guest, the polite gesture is to bring a gift for the host. Here are our under $20 local picks sure to delight any party-giver.

Hairpin Trio

Marlene Caldera, the owner of San Gabriel-based Etsy shop Pretty Perch, is one thrift store-lovin’, vintage-findin’, crafty creator whose bright and sunny $12.50 hairpins, ever-appropriate for that girl-host, debuted in 2008. “It would be nice to bring [social graces] back,” Caldera says. She recommends reading Let’s Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume.

Beeswax Candle

The L.A. duo behind these unusual 100 percent raw beeswax candles practice what they preach: husband and wife Peter and Juwels make all of their products in their solar-powered house on wheels—a ’75 Winnebago. Candles like this bottle-shaped one are born of vessels found at “local antique shows [and] dealers,” according to their Etsy shop. We love ’em because raw equals chemical-free and non-toxic—perfect for that truly eco-minded host.

Organic Supreme Peony Green Tea

For the proper hostess, forgo the accessories at Bird Pick Tea & Herb’s well-stocked Old Town Pasadena location in favor of four ounces of $15 organic supreme peony green tea. For an extra $2.50, owner Lan Ong also sells customizable storage tins that will keep the ready-to-bloom rosettes fresh and protected.

Handmade Soap

Thanks to founder Jolie Chitwood Cox and her team, suds aficionados will appreciate receiving a few of Mar Vista-based Soaptopia’s creations. At $6.50 a pop, these bars are crafted using avocado, coconut, hemp seed, olive, palm, and essential oils, as well as shea butter. Find them throughout SoCal at Gelson’s and Whole Foods.

Leather Pipe Stand

Echo Park-based Frank Siurano sells leather items at his third Etsy shop, Sorringowl and Sons. His $14 hand-dyed pipe stand is perfect for the gentleman host.

Article written by Guest Contributor, Rose Flores Medlock. Follow her on Twitter or visit her website for more information.

Image via Etsy user Pretty Perch.