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The Sexual Health Benefits of Self-Love

masturbation-is-healthyMom’s are constantly on the go, and after a day of changing nappies, playing with toys, constant tidying, and making meal after meal, there’s not much time left for yourself. In fact, one recent study determined that on average moms are only able to eke out about 17 minutes for themselves per day, and that can make for more than just a crabby mom, it can make for an absolutely miserable household. So when you do manage to find those few precious moments to yourself how do you make the most of them? While many moms turn to a book, or a relaxing bath, it turns out there’s something else you can do that’s not only fun, but good for you too – masturbation.

Firstly, it’s important to dispel any bad elements .. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation .. and there is also nothing wrong with using sex toys

Fit and Active Through the Holidays + A Giveaway to Keep You in Shape

3-200x300As the holidays get stressful, the first thing to get dropped is often our exercise routine.  This is rather unfortunate because exercise is a tool we have to help eliminate stress and the extra pounds that come from munching on holiday treats.

If you’re worried about falling off the treadmill, fear not. I recently sat down with certified Pilates instructor Kristen Matthews who shared some tips to keep your core tight and your body lean during the holidays and beyond.

The twenty minute yoga introduction ..

Compared to working out in a gym, Pilates is much better for the environment since it uses no electricity and can be practiced almost anywhere.  And by doing it outdoors you can save even more energy.

Kristen teaches a bi-weekly outdoor mat class on Thursdays at 4 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. on Ocean and Palisades Aves. in Santa Monica. The class is perfect …

The Official Eastside Green Guide

In L.A. it often feels as if the Westside is leading the charge when it comes to being consciously green.  As it turns out, the Eastside is its own eco-oasis if you only know where to look.  Fortunately, ydt’s put together a comprehensive Green Guide to the East Side to help you out.

  • Naturewell: Sort of like when 7/11 meets your natural bulk bin—Naturewell is Sunset Junction’s one stop shop for coffee, smoothies, organic juices on the go, bulk grains, legumes, nuts and even spices.  Reasonably priced too.Contact info:  3824 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 664-5894 Map it.
  • Intelligentsia: Intelligentsia prides itself on bringing customers high-end coffee and tea that supports sustainable farming and fair labor practices.  Learn more about its Direct Trade program and visit the Junction for an aromatic latte and delicious pastry made by local bakeries. Contact info:  3922 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles,
Ethical Fashion By Alex Davis

bahar_shahpar2In the land of Hollywood fashion, glamour and money, stylists are easy to come by. However, stylists who seek to promote and support the use of ethical fashion and design-that is more of a diamond in the rough. For the ydt launch party, co-founder Lauren and I were lucky to get styled by one of these rare gems, Alex Davis. Post-event we sat down with her to pick her brain about fashion, sustainability, ethics and more.
Your Daily Thread: What inspired you to get into eco/ethical fashion?

Alex Davis: Ethical fashion to me represents a fusion of a lot of different things I am passionate about. I have always been a fashion freak, especially vintage fashion. Everywhere I traveled, including around my home state of Minnesota, I sought out the best vintage stores. In college, I majored in International Relations, which is essentially the study of foreign affairs and global issues …

DIY Green Spring Cleaning

bakvinIt’s still technically spring, so if other obligations have kept you from you spring cleaning there is still time. You’ve probably noticed that more and more companies are formulating and marketing greener, less toxic cleaners. And that’s great. But me, I generally never need to buy any of them. Why buy when you can DIY?

Below is a sneak peek into my cleaning cabinet filled with easy to make cleaners that won’t break the bank or expose you to nasty chems that can cause problems from asthma to reproductive harm (more info on the problems with conventional cleaners from Women’s Voices for the Earth. Just think, of the eighty some thousand chemicals we use, only about thirteen hundred have even been tested for safety-scary, right?

Vinegar Spray
This works beautifully for glass, mirror, counters, tile floors, sinks and other surfaces. I buy vinegar in bulk from Smart & Final and use …

The Scoop on Dog Poop

dog-poopThe late Harvey Milk’s dog poop campaign wasn’t just good politics. Yes, we all hate happening on a pile of it on our neighborhood walks, but it’s more than unsightly, it’s bad for people and the planet. I went to Jessica Belsky, Heal the Bay’s Communications Manager, for the full scoop.
I think we all know what not to do with dog waste–leave it on the street or in grassy areas. So, why not? What’s the problem with that and how does it specifically affect our waterways?

Well, aside from the obvious — someone might step in it, there are water quality problems associated with not picking up the doo. Pet waste contains a lot of bacteria. During a rainstorm, all of that un-picked-up poo and its associated bacteria, heads with the rain water directly down a storm drain, you know, those drains on the street curbs. These drains don’t end …

Eat Outside The Box

California restaurants for a cause.

The New Year seems to bring out the resolutions in us—we mull over how we’re going to make up for holiday sweets and carry over our generous spirit into the coming months. So what if you can be a charitable citizen and healthy epicurean at the same time? Turns out you can at these four CA eateries.


Homegirl Café, the culinary child of Homeboy Industries, is a restaurant with a mission: to get at-risk women off the streets and into the kitchen to carve out futures in the food service industry. The result is a modern Downtown L.A. spot with a menu of delicious Latin-inspired foods including my favorite, red mole tacos. With the funds going back into programs like cooking classes, organic gardening and baking (hand-in-hand with Homeboy Bakery), Homegirl Café serves up both food and purpose.

Karma Kitchen, a volunteer-driven program on Sundays within …

An Apple Everyday This Fall

Venture just outside the city to find your own fall harvest crop

‘Tis the season for apples. And that means Grandma will inevitably whip out her famous apple pie any chance she can. Can’t you just taste the crisp, sweet, succulent treat? But what Grandma doesn’t know is that the VERY best apples can’t be found at the grocery store…

While fall brings endless apple varieties to the stands and farmers’ markets, why not carpool with the gang and go apple picking at a U-Pick orchard of your choice?The best-of-the-best So Cal orchards can be found within 90 miles of Los Angeles. Connect with nature, get some much-needed Vitamin D and “fall” in love with our favorite picks:

*Riley’s Farm was homesteaded in the 1880s. Rich in history and family culture, Riley’s offers daily U-Pick apple and pumpkin orchards, among others, from 10am – 5pm. Find the apple your heart desires …

Meatless In May

Think there’s nothing wrong with eating a hamburger, or two, three or four? Think again. Besides giving you too many extra inches around the middle and increasing risk for heart disease, meat consumption accounts for a large portion of global green house gases. So tomorrow, we’re kicking off our second annual “Meatless in May ” campaign to help bring awareness to the environmental impact of animal consumption .

This lady did Meatless May!

The Facts:

The production and raising of livestock uses 30% of the Earth’s arable land for pasture, an additional 33% of the land to grow and cultivate their feed and 5,000 gallons of water to produce a single pound of meat (compare that to the 25 gallons of water that to produce one pound of wheat). Cattle also contribute substantial amounts of pollution to the water supply due to manure, antibiotics and the pesticides used to produce their …

Here Comes the Sun

Workouts to Get Your Body Summer Ready

Summer is officially here, so we thought it best to round up a few of our favorite workouts to get your body ready. Always remember to put on the sunscreen!

xoxo, YDT


Donation Based Yoga at Runyon Canyon: This has been one of our favorites since day one and it is still going strong. Classes take place multiple times a day. What better way is there to get your OM on while soaking up some healthy vitamin D? Learn more at Want More? Here’s our article on donation based yoga throughout L.A. and online.

Run From the Paparazzi: Now normally I can’t stand the paparazzi, but hey if it helps me burn off the calories from my organic Dark and Stormy, than maybe I’ll tolerate them for a mile or two. Sign up at

Inner Peace at the Sala: Culver City has …

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