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Green Back To School Guide 2009

SustainableGroupBack2SchoolkitOh yes we know it well, the time of year when hot summer beach days turn into hot summer school days (or at least in the 818 where I grew up.) What you might not realize though is how much buying traditional items for “back to school” can significantly increase your footprint. From buying new school supplies such as binders and folders to backpacks and lunch sacks, the materials that these items are made from can definitely take a toll on you and the planet. Fortunately we’ve sorted through a bit of the back to school consumer machine to bring you our picks of best in green for back to school.
*Before though, we’d like to ask you to take a look around your home and office, make sure you can’t reuse something you already own. Often times, only half of notebooks are used up before they are discarded, etc. Rather …

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